WHY Scatter makes your plate platter? IDK

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New member
Nov 16, 2019
Name: Scatter

Steam ID (steamid.io) : STEAM_0:1:461068421

Hours on the Server (awp.wpgaming.network) : 20 hrs and 30 mins

Why do you feel you deserve mod? : I have been playing on the server for a good amount of time, a lot of people know me and I try to make sure none does some gay shit. I've seen a lot of hackers and I've messaged mods but I know how tough times can be. I got free time. I'm friends with like 2/3s of the modes. Kaelyn and Furry. Im also a very fast learner so anything you need me to know I'll make sure I know it.

What experience do you have? : I've modded more discord servers but I play enough that I think I could figure it out

Age: 13

Is there anything else that we should know?
: I got no fuckin tolerance for some racism shit. If its a joke than its fine. I try to make people laugh and make sure everyone is having a fun time. Btw Ur cute ツ. I made that Minecraft pixel art.