All Information On 613 Blonde Wigs


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Feb 28, 2021
Today's article will investigate further to discover why, and talk more about all information on 613 blonde wigs. If you are interested in this topic, please kindly read on.
1. Why Are 613 Blonde Wigs More Expensive?
613 hair color is a unique hair color. It is shining and bright. Young girls love it so much. This color can make girls become real barbies or princesses. The reasons for the expensive prices of 613 blonde wigs will be analyzed from below three aspects.

1.1 The Technological Requirement Is High
Natural black color is a natural hair color. We have to bleach the natural black hair wigs for some time first if we want to get 613 blonde wigs. The process couldn't be easier. It costs money and time and needs skilled workers to process.
Bleaching hair is only the first step. Next, workers need to use bleached hair to make hair products, like bundles, hair frontals, etc. After bleaching many times, 613 blonde hair will be thinner and softer than natural black hair. So, the working process is more complex: It is not easy to tie a single hair in the lace hole. It will cost more time. Then, the manual costs are also higher.

1.2 The Status Of The Supply And Demand
Because of these two factors as above, and the market demand for 613 blonde wigs is smaller than natural black hair wigs. All of these keep the production of 613 blonde wigs down. The stocks of 613 blonde wigs are in short supply in the recent wig market. Especially 613 blonde hair frontals, hair bundles in 26 inches, 28 inches, 30 inches. 613 blonde wigs are of low and slow production. The prices of 613 blonde wigs also have been higher recently. And the processing and delivery time also need to be longer than before.

2. 613 Blonde Wigs Recommendations
2.1 Body Wave / Straight 613 Blonde Lace Front Wigs
Lace front wigs are always our first recommendation. The complete hairlines and natural wig looks of lace front wigs always can meet customers' needs. With two classic hair textures: body wave hair or straight hair. After ordering, West Kiss Hair will arrange the shipment as soon as possible. Please kindly note that now the processing time of 613 blonde HD lace frontal normally needs to take 4-7 working days. If you are in hurry to have the wigs, please contact our customer service in advance to confirm the receiving time.

2.2 613 Blonde 5x5 / 6x6 Lace Closure Wigs
Another 613 blonde wigs we will recommend are 613 blonde lace closure wigs. There are two different types of lace closure wigs: 5x5 closure wigs and 6x6 lace closure wigs. The lace sizes of lace closure wigs are smaller than the above lace frontal wigs. So the prices also are more affordable. The delivery of a lace closure wig is also faster than a lace front wig.

3. How To Maintain 613 Blonde Wigs
Because of the special hair quality, 613 blonde wigs normally need their distinctive maintenance.

3.1 613 blonde hair has become very thin with many times bleaching. You need to be more gentle no matter you are brushing or washing it.

3.2 And it is also easy to dry, you can add moisture to your blonde hair by using certain oils.

3.3 Lower the use of purple shampoos.

3.4 Try not to re-bleach and redye the 613 blonde hair.

3.5 613 blonde wigs are easier to be damaged by high temperature. Flat irons or hairdryers both can damage 613 blonde hair. You can choose to air dry after washing.