Are U Part Wigs Good For Your Hair?


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Jun 2, 2021
U Part wigs human hair are one of the most popular wigs because they can be installed easily without glue and are inexpensive. Today we will share with you an overview of part U wigs.
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What Is An U Part wig?
A U part wig is sewn from hair weft without lace.
It has An U part opening at the top, which is how it got its name.
This opening allows your natural hair weave to leak out to get a supernatural hairline.
There are 3 clamps around the U opening and 1 clamp on the back to help secure the installation.
West Kiss Hair's u part opening measures 2 "x4'''', which is the space you can leave for natural Hair as an HD lace closure wig.
And the opening can be positioned differently, either on the left, in the middle, or on the right, which means you can split it left, middle, or right.

The Difference Between An U Wig And a Lace Wig
1. Wig cap design:
The biggest difference between the ombre human hair wigs and the front lace wigs is that at the top of this invisible lace wig, there is a small U-shaped opening.
This allows you to combine natural locks and gives you a more natural hairline.
2. Installation position:
You can choose where you want to pull your hair and set it.
3. Cheaper than lace wigs:
A U part wig costs less than other types of human hair lace wigs because it is a non-lace wig.
4. Installation time:
It's a quick and easy way to protect.
U part wigs are simple, quick, and easy to install.
Easier than a clip-on, and definitely easier than a lace front.
Someone just called it a 2-minute wig installation. You can open and take off your wig every night.
5. Touch your hair:
A U part wig doubles as protection because most of your hair is braided and hidden under the wig, giving you the same effect as a partial stitch.
However, the most significant difference between a partially sewn wig and a U part wig is that you get full access to your hair.

Why Are U Part Wigs Now One Of The Most Popular Wigs?
First of all, you don't have to fake it, and then your hairline is supernatural because what's leaking out is your actual scalp, which is better than any lace.
U part false gives you a natural look for sewing, but you don't have to bear the stress of hair.
Knitting for a long time can put pressure on the head, the scalp can also be injured.
Therefore, it is important to free the hair from the tension on the top of the head, especially in the delicate temple area.
When we have a U-Part wig, we don't have to drive to a remote salon, sit for hours, and pay a stylist hundreds of dollars, because U Part wigs are really easy to set up and we can get the same effect as a salon at home, simply and quickly, saving us a lot of time and money.
U Part wigs are another way to protect natural hair.
It clips to your braid, doesn't require any glue, and is easy to remove.
You don't have to wipe the glue off with alcohol like you would with a lace wig.

Besides U part wigs, West Kiss Hair also provides lace front wigs, lace closure wigs, HD lace wigs, curly lace wigs, skunk stripe wigs, etc. There should be a suitable for you, and West Kiss Hair sales help you to save more.