Bhop mod application

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retard idiot
Aug 15, 2020
Name: TLoZ AKA Taylor

Steam ID ( STEAM_0:0:530759798

Hours on the Server (/playtime "username"): ✪ TLoZᵁʷᵁˀˀ 200+

Why do you feel you deserve mod?: Ok so the main reason I feel I deserve mod is because, I am very active and I mean very so I can see if people are cheating or doing things they are not supposed to be doing. I am also good at finding new features for the server such as styles or maps I have found a few for the server already. Other than that it is up to you.

What experience do you have?: I was an eG (Admin) on edgegamers but I left them for wp because it is just a better server

Age: 17
Is there anything else that we should know?
Not really, I work but thats it
Not open for further replies.