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Jan 1, 2021
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Name: seb

Steam ID ( 76561198181529467

Hours on the Server (/playtime "username"): 21,600 seconds.

Why do you feel you deserve mod?: becuz i've owned many servers for multiple games in the past which has given me way to much experience on how to deal with trolls and crap. i also have 4.3k hours in this game and i think it'd be cool to try for a staff position so i can flex my nerdyness on people even more. jk

What experience do you have?: i have experienced rock climbing before and it was a pretty fun experience. i've also experienced other stuff too. oh and I've also been a moderator on the Icefuse network for their Rust server(i forget the exact name of the server because they have so many). you can ask them though, im serious.

Age: 19. my bday was yesterday. my Mother gave me an opened box of jalapeno extra spicy crackers as my gift. \o/

Is there anything else that we should know?: I'm on my computer playing video games wasting my life for at least 17 hours a day so i'll have plenty of time to be on the server and do staff things.

My pizza mountain to prove worthiness?



Not open for further replies.