How to Remove the Lace Frontal Wig


Feb 6, 2022
Nowadays, more and more people tend to wear lace wigs because they have the most natural hairline. However, some beginners don‘t know well about how to take off the lace wigs because of the glue. So, We will write this blog to help you learn how to remove lace wigs.

The tIps to help you do the cleaning:
1: Prepare your wig’s hair in safe way
If you are wearing a long lace wig, please comb the wig into a ponytail first so that you can see your edges, while for a short lace Bob wig, use bobby pins to hold the side of the wig away from your face. Remove it and fix it on the top of the head. Only in this way can you avoid damaging the wig with the adhesive remover.
2: Use the remover in the correct way
Dab a towel or cotton ball with adhesive remover or lace wig remover, then rub the lace seams to soften the glue on the edges of the wig. Wait two to three minutes for the lace seam to absorb it, until you see the lace come off the sides.
3: Gentently take off and Add more adhesive if needed
Gently pull the lace seam on the edge apart until the entire wig is removed from your head. During the process, when you feel any resistance, you have to soften the stubborn glue patch with more adhesive remover to avoid tearing the lace.

Notice when you do the tips above:
1. Sensitive skin
Avoid alcohol-based glue removers if you have sensitive skin, as it can trigger allergies and damage the skin around your forehead. Can be replaced with oil-based adhesive remover.
2. The most natural and gentle way
You can also use olive oil to remove excess adhesive from the lace and skin. You need to add a little salt or sparkling water, such as tea tree oil or olive oil, to warm water. Then shake the mixed water, pour it into an empty bottle, and spray on the edge of the lace front wig. Finally, wait 5-10 minutes, the hair of the lace wig in the front will soften more, which is good for picking. Compared to other methods, it is . But it is also the most time consuming.

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