Moderator Application (peep)

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Nov 19, 2019
Name : peep (if required, my real name is ryan)

Steam ID ( :

Hours on the Server ( : I'm currently the 3rd most active player with 74 hours on record.

Why do you feel you deserve mod? : I feel like I deserve the moderator position mainly because of my alertness and devotion to the server, as one of the most active players I commonly see users who cheat or decide to inflict toxic behavior on not just me, but other players as well. I find this type of behavior to be unacceptable and should be pursued immediately, bullying /
harassment is NOT OK and should quite frankly be non-existant on this server. This server (I'm assuming) was created on the simple basis: to have FUN, I've enjoyed spending countess hours on here and I want others to feel the same. This should be a community, not a playground. Giving me the moderator position would insure server stability as I count myself to be a friendly, outgoing, individual who has made numerous friends on this wonderful server. (Furry can back me up)

What experience do you have? : None, we all have to start somewhere.. right?

Age : 14

Is there anything else that we should know?
: No matter the outcome of my application I will still remain active and loyal. <3
Not open for further replies.