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Jan 22, 2020
Name: Mackenzie (master uwu senpai)

Steam ID: 76561198137093560

Hours on the Server
10 hours

Why do you feel you deserve mod?: I believe that I will be able to better serve the smaller 102 bhop community by providing excellent support and availability. Not only am I constantly on the server itself, I also frequent discord constantly for reasons I'll get into during the next section. What this community needs is a strong support team, and I'm happy to help with that in any way I can. In the end, I feel that becoming a moderator is my best option here.

What experience do you have?: I have been on discord for a very very long time (originally joined in February of 2016). So, it only makes sense that I've gone through my fair share of moderation programs. Currently, I'm a community and support manager at GamePlanet (A massive game and item trading server, I can provide the link if needed). As well I have served several other large communities with high traffic while being able to stay calm and collected. One of my main positions is as a developer and support for AlphaConsole, the largest Rocket League mod with a discord server of over 200 thousand users. By that size, I'm sure you can see how the throughput the server receives far in a way prepares me for whatever will be thrown my way here.

Age: 20

Is there anything else that we should know?
As I mentioned early, I'm currently a developer for AlphaConsole. However I also do backend development for a few other locations and I'm currently pursuing a degree in Cyber Security. Hope we all can get to know each other better!
Not open for further replies.