Moderator Application

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Yeet God

New member
Sep 16, 2019
Vandalia, Ohio
Name: ✪ Yeet God

Steam ID ( STEAM_0:0:78307513

Hours on the Server(
: 1 Day, 8 Minutes, 30 Seconds

Why do you feel you deserve mod?: I'm on the server a lot and i play late at night sometimes around 2-5am EST and no one is ever on, and there are a lot of new people that have joined and need help with commands and other styles and
I've been helping out and doing my best to make a difference in the community.

What experience do you have?: I have none as of CS:GO, but i was admin on Nunya Clan servers for BF4, BF1, and BF5 and they always loved having me in the server to help with all the new players!

Age: 20

Is there anything else that we should know?: i mean i play on the server most that i can but i do go to school from 5-8pm EST
Not open for further replies.