Staff Application (fried_fetus69)

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Dec 11, 2019
Quebec, Canada
Name: fried_fetus69

Steam ID ( STEAM_0:1:98090116

Hours on the Server ( 92 hours

Why do you feel you deserve mod? : Even though the amount of hackers and auto-strafers have went down a lot recently, I still feel like the server could need some more mods to, well, moderate the server (especially since the current staff team is small). Secondly, I'm always on. Like literally. I have no life

What experience do you have? : I was an admin on a Hide n Seek Gmod server for 2 years in a community called "Games For Life" (GFL), I was known then as "Xx_cancerous_cunt_xX". (You can contact Fafy#9164 or Harakoni#3459 on Discord for proof)

Age: 17

Is there anything else that we should know?: I like making Discord bots and Minecraft/CSGO plugins so if you ever need anything hmu
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