The Best Advice You Could Ever Get About HD Lace Wig


Feb 6, 2022
The front of HD Lace is a new trend on the market, and high-quality HD label can give you the most comfortable wear experience, the best quality. About headband fake, some friends don't know much about it,
Today, let's share knowledge about HD lace wig.

What are HD lace wigs
HD lace wigs only refers to a wig made of HD lace, which is not detectable and invisible. HD lace wig is one of the best lace wigs. It is a high quality and advanced representative.

Features of HD lace wig
1. Black women's pre-wig.
When people buy wigs, they want a wig that looks natural. When you wear our wig, our wig has a clear pre-plucked hairline that looks like your own hair grows out of your head.
2. High-definition transparent lace front.
This is a new type of transparent swiss lace. No matter what kind of skin you are, make-up is easy.
3. Bleached knots.
When a master sewed human hair on lace, there were knots in the hair that could be bleached. This allows the wig to look more natural than the wig.
4. Baby's hair.
To make the wig look natural, we made baby hair to decorate your forehead.
5.100% human virgin hair.
All the hair we use on our wigs is real human hair, natural black, free of chemicals and unprocessed. You can bleach, dye or iron the wig to any style you like.

The types of HD lace wigs in Our Hair Shop
When you visit RecoolHair store, you will find that 5x5 or 13x4 or 13x6 lace is positive. Their difference is the forehead lace area, if you want a long hairline and the biggest hairstyle of lace space, you can choose 13x6 HD lace. For the density of HD human wigs, we have 150%, 180%, and 200% density. If you want to have a more embossed wig, you can choose 180% hair density.
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