What? Furry made an app? (Actual)

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Oct 6, 2019
Name: Furry vore is kinda hot doe

Steam ID (steamid.io): STEAM_0:1:516279560

Hours on the Server(bhoptime.wpgaming.network): 39h.

Why do you feel you deserve mod?: I have been playing on the server for a decent amount of time, and most of the community that plays the server knows me. I am a rather friendly person, and im already friends with most of the regulars on the server. I know what im doing, and wouldn't do something like ban someone just because they’re doing good, lagging, etc. I plan on being as active as I have been recently, and am mature enough to not abuse my powers. ( if i get them. )

What experience do you have?: I was a senior moderator on a Gmod server for about 6 months, so I know how to deal with people shit, and can tell when they are fucking with me. Also ULX is pretty complex, so it would be pretty easy for me to learn the commands.

Age: 15

Is there anything else that we should know? Ur cute ツ


Not open for further replies.